We are TyioLine.
A developer studio that started working on their first title “Tysl” at the end of October 2019!
We are a team of 3 people. Our Goal is it to create new and cool Games for the other Gamers on the World. We are few but have power. But since we cannot achieve so much alone, we are looking for some strong partners

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Release 2023

The world, it’s different. There are no cities anymore, no systems, no government. Only the lonely forest and a few pieces of the cities are left. The last time you were in the toilet, you suddenly fell into a coma. In the hospital they said you were dead for a long time, but in your subconscious you have to prove what you can do. This is about your life. If you don’t make it. you’ll look death in the eye

Release 2024

You start in a world full of adventure and have to fight for your survival? what no? jump for your life! You play in a story that makes you cry, laugh and cheer! You have to squeeze opponents to free your great love!

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